We use the finest cocoa and chocolates from around the world to craft the most irresistable chocolate gelato!

Chocolate Gelato

Nothing makes us happier than this Chocolate Ice Cream. With our chocolate’s ultra-high cocoa butter content you get this creamy mousse-like texture.

D, SY, H, FS

Tim Tam

Tim Tam is only the world’s most popular Australian biscuit. Our Tim Tam gelato made with creamy, high quality chocolate and mixed with rich milk chocolate this ode to an Australian classic is sure to delight all.

D, GL, SY, H 


This Dulce Ferrero Rocher Nutella Ice Cream is wickedly rich and creamy, and loaded with pieces of nuts, chocolate and swirls of frozen Nutella.

D, SY, H, N


Blend of Chocolate Gelato with house made Raspberry Fudge, Marshmallow and Coconut


White Chocolate Raspberry

White Chocolate Gelato with a house made Raspberry Ripple finished with White Chocolate Flakes throughout


white chocolate heaven

White Chocolate Gelato with Caramel ripple and biscuits throughout.


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