Amazingly delicious kids flavours…not just for the little ones!!

Bubble Gum

A fun vibrant pink and blue gelato with a bold fruity bubblegum flavour.

D, H


Irresistable Cake batter Gelato with colourful sprinkles and Cookie Crumb filling.

D, H


Try our Unicorn gelato for a delicious and fun treat in a cotton candy flavour that will surely brighten up your day. The sharp, electric colours make this gelato the perfect combination of colourful and creamy. 

D, H


Our Rainbow Gelato offers a fun, colourful and tasty dessert perfect for any celebration. The creamy, soft and luscious texture will leave you wanting a second scoop! Banana & Bubblegum  flavour, not just for the kids!

D, H, FS

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