We source the best nuts to make our own nut pastes, which ensures our nut based gelatos are the real deal!

peanut butter and monella

Our delectable Peanut Butter and Nutella creamy gelato is the go to dessert to fill your sweet tooth. 
With a hint of hazelnut swirled through the nutella this creamy, soft and delicious gelato becomes the perfect treat. 

D, SY, N, H


The exotic flavour of our Pistachio gelato is the hallmark of this remarkable dessert. The golden standard combination of roasted pistachio nuts gently mixed with pure sweet cream brings out the best of this addictive gelato. 

D, N, H, FS


Roasted hazelnuts add their lovely, buttery flavour to this special gelato. Sweet, creamy gelato is balanced by aromatic nutty hazelnuts in this sophisticated flavour.

D, N, H, FS


This flavour is to die for! It consists of our House Made White Chocolate and Hazelnut Gelato with a Monella and Kinderella Ripple…yum!

D, N, H

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